11 September 2009

[j+i] married....and now they are 3.

take a beautiful blue sky, add the ocean, a lighthouse, a dash of warm sun, family and friends and lots of love and you've got the makings for a beautiful wedding! jasmine and ian said "i do" in front of their family and friends and the beautiful atlantic. this lovely couple became a family this day when ian not only gave a ring to jasmine but a ring to her daughter bailley, now his daughter and i cried. it's hard to click and cry at the same time! it was such a touching moment. - and now they are three.
thank you for allowing me to document your day and for including my own family. we had a wonderful time. your friends are incredible - so much laughing. nana banana you are a delight and annie is still talking about you!
i wish you three a wonderful life together......happily ever after.

here's your sneak peek!

arriving saturday afternoon - i was able to capture a few moments of the bride and groom on their wedding eve. happiness!
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and they lived.......................happily ever after. told you!!!
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thousand words photography said...

well, it was worth the wait! so fantastic meg!! what a beautiful wedding and you captured it perfectly! i love her colors and the dresses. job well done

JAR Photography & Design said...

Those are great Meg... love them all.

mary said...

Awesome, awesome Meg. Looking through this set with a bride-to-be. I'm sending her your way!!

emily said...

LOVE that cake

JASMINE said...

hee hee hee! I love them! You are so great! I just got home from my honeymoon and loged right on! worth the wait! You were such a great match for this wedding...your style really captured mine! but it looks like all work and no play....when did you get a chance to ever relax and have fun with your family! xoxo