15 May 2009

{the prom}

i remember it like it was yesterday. my prom. my date - the fabulous college boy that was one of my brothers best friends. my dress - oh how i loved my dress. i would wear my dress today it was that fantastic {fire engine red, strapless, accordian pleats with tiny swiss dots in white, coupled with the most fantastic pair of black spiky sandals that i would kill to have back in my closet} if i had my scanner i would include a photo now but alas annie stepped on it and the glass shattered. don't ask.

anyway..............here is the very handsome adam. my nephew in connecticut. i lucked out by being there this past weekend - he donned his attire early in the day so he could visit my dad in the hospital and show him his tux. the uhaul truck was filled with items from my parents home that are being divided among us kids stored in my my sisters basement {poor girl} and the tractor was parked in my sisters townhouse complex for future work - made for a fun background. and now the fabulous adam.

{the first photo is entered in the May greeblepix contest - "jump"}

prom 1

adam awesome sauce


prom 8

prom 6

prom 5

prom 3


thousand words photography said...

aw, so handsome!!!

mary said...

What a handsome guy!! He's got to be loving these shots! :)

JAR Photography & Design said...

Love the pink!

Kerry said...

Wow, now THAT'S one good lookin guy! Hmmm, wonder where he got those good looks? Must be from his mother, HA! Thank you, my sister, for the fabulous photos, he will be thrilled! xx

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Fabulous Adam looks terrific. Love the photo's & the backdrop is perfect. His pink is superb! Now where were you when we took pic's for prom two wk's ago? Love your blog!

gkgirl said...

these are great photos!

the paris apartment said...

He was lucky you were there to shoot those fantastic pics! What a good looking kid! My nephew (also Adam) is 11 and I can only imagine what it would be like to see him so grown up. I know it goes fast!