18 May 2009


i was honored to photograph this beautiful family celebrating their nana's 90th birthday celebration. 90! amazing. nothing can beat family moments. there is something so special about a family gathering together to honor one of their own. there was a lot of love and fun in the air. here is a glimpse.


















mary said...

This is fantastic. She is adorable and you've captured everyone's joy so perfectly!

Kerry said...

Amazing photos, Meg! I feel like I'm actually at the party, the photos are so alive and animated! Just beautiful. Such a lovely family, doing what we all need to do so much more...celebrate life! Thank you for sharing these, just spectacular! Ker

JAR Photography & Design said...

Beautiful... life is amazing. I am working on a dvd montage for a surprise 90th birthday party next month. It is amazing how your girl and my girl don't even look 90... 90 must be the new 70.

IRENE said...

Congrats! What a{naughty} smile you've captured! Do you think this might be her longevity secret?