13 May 2009

{never a dull moment}

so last week my poor annie had a fall at school - oh that dreaded phone call - she hit her face on the edge of a table as she clunked to the ground. {the combo of running and wearing crocs that got "stuck" on the floor and forced her foreward as she tripped} = nice cut - i ran around the corner of her pre-school there she was being cuddled and sung to by one of the administrators - her little body in spasm intervals from her crying so hard was gently rocked. i guess i wasn't prepared to see what i saw. her dress saturated in blood. her eye so swollen, that deep cut and oh the tears streaming down that beautiful face. my heart started pounding so fast in my chest but i didn't react. i couldn't. there was work to be done to make my little girl feel better. so off we went to the emergency room of our local hospital. we were the only ones there thank goodness and were seen right away. i asked for a plastic surgeon. no fooling around - this is my girls precious face - i didn't want just anyone stitching her up. when i tell you this child was brave that would be an understatement, both the doctor and his assistant who was holding her head still couldn't believe that there was no screaming or cries, she didn't move or flinch, just tears flowing as he had to inject that novacain directly into the wound site. i was on the other end holding her feet - actually just massaging her feet/legs so she would know her mommy was still there. the doctor sutured her right up - i had never witnessed that before, it was amazing. and soon she was done. all the ER nurses took a shine to my little one - she came home with a stack of new stickers and a cuddly white bear and a spongebob band-aid on her wound (which she made the assistant work for because the three band-aid attempts prior to that weren't big enough or festive enough! he didn't mind - he had already been under the spell that is annie!).
she will get her stitches removed tomorrow. her eye turned black and blue and now yellow and fading purple - she was able to compare her war wounds with that of her poppy who has lots of stitches to repair his heart. and by the way he is home and doing wonderfully - thank you all for your kind thoughts and emails. it worked!

here are some pictures of annie before her accident - the day before we were playing at her new favorite playground - and of course - some photos of her boo-boo.

ahhhh, the life of a three year old. never a dull moment.

{untouched face - b/4 boo boo}



_DSC0052 a

annie 3
{6 stitches + spongebob band-aid - i will work hard everyday to avoid scarring - lots of sunscreen - zinc oxide - and scar cream} look how close to her eye. oh so lucky!! ouch!!


Anonymous said...

my heart skipped a few beats there- i could feel your fear as i read the words. breathe...
winston sends his kisses!

Jen said...

poor baby! xoxo

thousand words photography said...

oh my!! that poor, sweet girl! so glad she's okay...and quite a cut! yikes! she's a trooper. hugs and kiss to you annie girl!!
and sooo happy about your dad! you have all been in my thoughts. ♥

thousand words photography said...

oh, and those pictures are sooo wonderful!!

mary said...

Awwwww...this is what I won't look forward to when I become a Mom. Poor girl! (She is SUCH a cutie.)

Anna said...

Oh, Meg! I don't even know what to say! It looks as though Miss Annie will surely recover- I bet she has even begun to have forgotten the entire thing (silly kids!) I hope you recover as well, and both have nary a scar. You have a brave, wonderful little person- what an inspiration!

Kerry said...

What a face! I miss her terribly...the house is way too quite since you've been gone!

Claire said...

poor kid! i did something very similar when i was right about that age, only it was directly under my eye. what i remember most is my mom freaking out, and then trying to seem like she wasn't freaking out, but i'm sure she was going through the same thing you were. i still have a scar there, and now i love it. so i bet annie will end up with a great scar, too.

Anonymous said...

Ooh that face! Thank God our imperfections make us even more beautiful!