12 March 2009

{ballerinas} in training that is.

it was peek week at annie's ballet class yesterday. these darling little 3 year old girls running around on their tip toes, twirling, spinning, falling, laughing. oh to be that free. it was organized chaos to say the least. jean is so patient to take these little gals under her wings and calmly try to teach then dance. formal training doesn't begin until the age of five. i want annie to learn the art of ballet. it's beautiful. i danced ballet for nine years and often regret letting that go. there's an etiquette that goes with ballet and that's what i want annie to learn. a sense of self - and along with that grace, poise, respect, music and french - such a beautiful language.

the lighting in this studio is horrible for photography. there are no windows. beautiful wood floors but jet black glossy walls trimmed in wood - it's very 1970's bob fosse. {one singular sensation every little step she takes.....} oh sorry. anyway, it really was impossible to get any decent photos, so i really have to figure out this solution before the next peek week. i need that new speedlight from nikon the sb-900, yes that will do quite nicely.

here's a few shots - dark and grainy as they may be - think degas on a cloudy day.
{click on photo to enlarge}


JAR Photography & Design said...

Oh Meg... I love reading your posts, the way you write. :) The pictures are amazing.

Jen said...

So very, very sweet and exciting!!

thousand words photography said...

oh, these are fabulous!!!