18 January 2009

wow i'm in......!

for months i was unable to sign in to my blog. go figure. seems like when it rains it pours. my camera broke, my website crashed, and my blog was nonexistent. slowly, ever so slowly i am recovering. after frustrating emails to the powers that be in the blog world and for whatever reason, resetting passwords and emails and praying to the gods of cyberspace i hit the enter button and voila! i am here..back on track....amazing. i only hope that when i try to return for yet another witty post, i will be able to.. here's hoping!!!
so i guess since i'm here i'll post some of my latest shots taken with a borrowed camera from a friend. so friend, if you are reading this - i thank you for the loan. i have been lost without my nikon and i appreciate you loaning me yours so i can fulfill some obligations and of course shoot my beloved annie.
annie is modeling my latest hat creation. i wanted a chunky hat for her noggin and had some great yarn stashed in my bag. so here she is..............i also included ellie as well - the adorable now 9 month old babe from my previous post back in september.

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Jen said...

Yay! I'm glad you are back in the blog world! I was wondering!