21 January 2009

archives revisited

ok as some of you know my camera is busted and being treated by the nikon doctors. it happens. a common problem unfortunately with the d70's. the good news is that in doing my research for repairs and what possibly the matter was i found out that all the folks that experienced the same problem i did have never experienced it again. phew. that makes me breathe a little better.
anyway....while i wait for the cam to come back to me, i have revisited my archives. i am working on cleaning up my desktop as well as learning photoshop. i figure i may as well make the most of my time. so cruising through photos from last year i stumbled upon these shots of annie. now those who know annie are aware of her larger than life personality. she truly is a delight. but boy oh boy she is everything a little girl should be. she adores her "things" or as she says, her "fings". her doggy purse is one of these items. her beloved doggy purse. i find it all over the house at different times - stuffed with you wouldn't believe. rocks, cards, bracelets, doll clothes, puzzle pieces, lego's - all sorts of items that mean the world to this little girl. anyway...these shots were taken outside of our former tea house last summer. and i love them. to me they sum up a moment with annie. i used the new pioneer woman actions II - "seventies" - which i am totally obsessed with.

sometimes it's worth digging back in the archives for old photos that can be looked at in a new light. i'm sure i will have more to share until mr. nikon returns.

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