30 January 2013

A Twist of Lime says Goodbye | Intimate Stories says Hello

i'm looking forward to looking back
from further on down the track
{c. simon}

the time has come. a twist of lime {the sometimes daily musings of bluelime photography} is no longer. but fear not, i only changed the name and got a bright shiny new blog -
this blog will still be here for walks down memory lane. 
please check out intimate stories.

click below + come along on my new journey xo


Critty Luslow said...

Have to admit... there's a certain sadness in this post despite the positive message of moving on to the newer.. bigger.. better intimate stories. And the picture captured the essence of that sadness, driving it home. I've watched my baby girl grow within these blog posts and I do revisit if for no other reason than to recall some of the precious moments of her life that you've included within. Thanks for keeping these memories in a tangible volume that I can peruse whenever I'm suddenly struck with the longing to see my girl. If your intimate stories blog is half as successful as your Twist of Lime it will be twice as meaningful as the myriad drivel strewn throughout the internet. Keep up the good work.

Annie's Dad.

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