03 March 2012

[photo du jour] March | newburyport, ma

i'm joining my gang from The Maternal Lens for the March Photo a Day challenge - join in too via your dslr, slr, cell phone, ipad, whatever you got - it'll be fun.
{hashtag - #tmlphotoaday - to share on twitter, + include your facebook too!}

click here for the photo list. i'll be updating this post as i go along - leave me your links in the comments so i can follow along with yours as well. xo

{i admit i never fell back so now i'm in synch with spring forward}

{sparkling little eggs}
{nothing better than listening to carly}

{my annie in her ballet class - she is a dream come true}

{pretty little apple from tendercrop farms - we fight over these}
{i love the smell of lemon - add a little bit of sea salt and i find i can scrub my cutting boards, counters + various non "scratchable" surfaces clean. + it smells so refreshing. i even use it on my kitchen floor tiles. the left-overs make your elbows soft!} 
{don't get me wrong, i adore being with my little girl. but there is the moment of returning from our walk to school when i pour a hot cup of coffee and just sit in the quiet for 5 minutes. just for me. my version of rebooting and it helps. so much. + then the to do list beckons and it's over!}
{a neighbors forgotten christmas tree - i even noticed there was an ornament hung on a bottom branch - i left it on their door}

{i love pine cones. everywhere i look i have them. a bowl filled with giant pine cones, a jar filled with pine cones from a recent walk, some glittered some not but all wonderful}

{thanks to jenny @mfamb - my new daily ritual - + for the record she makes me laugh on a daily basis too.}
{scored this fab book at local bookstore for 50% off- two of my fav designers}


MFAMB said...

you're awesome.

enjoy your smaller gut and clearer skin!

kally38 said...

Tell me about the Apple Cider vinegar and water!!!

Meg, these photos are amazing...truly wonderful. Annie at ballet class? Brought tears to my eyes! Made my day...spending time with Leah Diana which has me smiling. Thanks for sharing these with us! xoxo