09 September 2011

[miss annie goes to kindy] | newburyport, ma.

"Promise me you'll always remember:  You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
{Christopher Robin to Pooh}

it was a very slow entrance into kindergarten this week. day one was only an hour - yep, an hour open house in the classroom with parents. bil and i took her out for an early lunch afterwards. day two was a half day and day three, today, was finally a full day. and it's been raining all week here so the perfect planned outfits were put on hold. i didn't cry by the way, no kleenex were necessary as warned. perhaps because annie has been in pre-school since she was two and a half. we're old pros and she loves school. she is entering kindergarten having accomplished a great deal. she is a fantastic reader, loves to write and draw, is obsessed with whistling, is always announcing what time it is - {her new nickname is "little big ben"} and can be heard singing either miranda cosgrove, big time rush, victoria justice or any song from mama mia!  she has such a big heart and an eagerness to learn and we know  her year will be filled with many more accomplishments and experiences that will continue to mold and shape her growth and potential. she's shining and forever blooming. our sweet gal. xo

day one. one hour.

day two - half day

day three finally a full day!


Megan said...

Love her first kinda day dress! And her haircut, so cute. Our December 2005 babies are big stuff now, indeed!

Jen said...

She's totally adorable! How exciting!!!! Love her outfits, she's so stylish all the time. xo

Anonymous said...

SO adorable! Love the photos of our sweet girl, a LOVE the new hairdo! Very special time, it's great to see you enjoying every moment of it. Brings back so many wonderful memories of Adam and Leah. Here's to a fabulous year for a fabulous young lady whom we all love SO very dearly! Aunt Keekoo