20 September 2011

[like the weather]. | newburyport, ma

i used to think that we would wind up together
our destinies always entwined
oh but your heart kept changing like the weather
and you wound up leaving me behind.
{c. simon}


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg!

We heard about your wonderful Blog and had to check it out! Your photos are THE best we've ever seen, and we've seen many! Great work! So excited to see such talent, isn't the internet a wonderful thing! Thank you! Meryl

Anonymous said...

I love this quote...it's bittersweet to me (think Michael Perkins...sigh...). I LOVE these photographs, SO pretty! And I can just hear the birds as they are flying off to warmer weather! (Could they take me along?)

We are waiting for your book to come out, between your writing and your photography, you are a sure thing, my love! xo, Keek