09 August 2011

[positive works studio] | newburyport, ma.

The mind, when houses within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power
{Joseph Pilates, letter to clients, 1939}

It was a pleasure to visit Positive Works Studio located at 10 Prince Place in Newburyport.  This new studio run by the very lovely Karen Ortiz offers pilates, gyrotonics and massage. Individual and group sessions as well as duo and trio training are available. Karen reminds us, "It is a necessity that we attend to our physical health and well being.  A healthy body improves energy levels, cognitive functioning, stress management, enhances posture, flexibility, strength and tone". With that in mind, I am looking forward to the possibilities and the world of pilates. As should we all. 

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Sara said...

Wow, if I were this place I would want these images for brochures! Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing photos! The very essence of "bodies in motion!" I especially love the hand holding the beautiful rocks, it says "a life in balance is essential!"

Thank you for sharing these, we LOVE your blog!!! We'll be sure to contact you when we are in your area! And maybe a trip to Positiveworks too! Great job...Sonya