04 August 2011

[august break no. 1] - into white. | newburyport, ma

I built my house from barley rice
Green pepper walls and water ice
Tables of paper wood
Windows of light
And everything emptying into white

once upon a time there was a beautiful blue wall that i would pass daily on my way to my tea house. the perfect hue with touches of rust and peeling paint. i pushed annie by in her stroller - my sweet sleeping infant. ultimately, this blue wall became the inspiration for my business name - having decided that the name "blue wall" sounded like a surf shop - my favorite citrus, lime was introduced. as annie grew bigger -  i loved shooting her in front of this abandoned building because her little body would be framed perfectly by the blue instead of the upper white portion of the wall. i  had not photographed her there in three years, until yesterday, when we walked down that street again with camera in hand. her head now reaches above the blue lingering towards the white. as i get all sad and sentimental that my little girl will soon begin kindergarten, i can't help but think there will come a day when she will be well into the white and the blue will be no longer. she - a tall and beautiful young woman. i can definitely wait for that. xo

some older images of annie at the blue wall nov2007-aug2008.



Anonymous said...

Words can hardly express the delight of not only your amazing prose, but of your delightful child! Such talent...you made our day, thank you!

lunabouch said...

I love the new "blue wall" photos.
The blue wall brings back memories of the old port town.

Robin said...

Very sweet. They grow up so fast!!

Mary Marantz said...

Just LOVE this post!!