15 April 2011

[morning tea] | newburyport ma

i find myself drifting off in thought. sipping my tea. i haven't picked up a book that has consumed me like this in a long time. i can't get it out of my mind. taking me to another world. a world that hangs in the air outside my window, beyond my door. i didn't live in newburyport where some of this book takes place. but i live here now. and it's a far cry from the way it used to be. but the ghosts of another time are still lingering. they must be. this book has brought me to tears. in fact  i've sobbed several times. i can't imagine being so honest. so true to who you are. when i think back to my own youth, my own world, i feel like there is a veil hanging around it. memories not as sharp or clear as they should be. why is that. this book has made me wonder, it's made me grateful, it's made me sad, it's made me long for my family. it's made me want to sit in a room with my siblings and talk about our history. it's made me miss my mother more, if that's possible. and it's made me long for a hug from my dad. xo

Townie - Andre Dubus III

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Dawn said...

you are amazing.
sending you a hug.
i'm sorry you are sad.
but know that you are loved :)

xoxox, Dawn