27 January 2011

the beauty of motherhood | a blog share. {newburyport ma}

i had to share this. it took my breath away. it brought such incredible beautiful feelings of all that is amazing about producing life.about being a woman. about being a mom.about accepting ourselves and most of all loving what we see in the mirror. that's where it all begins.  raw and honest -

in the words of carly simon: 
take me as i am, for the woman that i am

image: edarcy - http://starvingartistink.com/the-shape-of-a-mother/ also featured on glamour

i included our email exchange. oh glorious internet how i love thee. erin is a beautiful artist in so many ways - her paintings, photography, writing. so much talent. so much heart. 

erin -
we don't know each other but i am acquainted with tara leigh. and she shared your beautiful post "the shape of a mother" - i just had to send you a quick note because you touched my soul. you are amazing and beautiful. and it dawned on my idiot self that i too am amazing and beautiful. sure i'm 40+ pounds overweight, still 5 years after giving birth - and i struggle and i struggle and i'm not kind to myself and i need to be. i produced an incredible creature. that in itself is beauty. i just wanted to thank you for sparking my spirit. enjoy that beautiful baby - enjoy the journey of motherhood - i know you do - it's unbelievable isn't it?! no book, no movie, no person could possibly explain what happens to the explosion deep in her heart.

i am part of a blog the maternal lens and i had to share your beauty. hoping you don't mind! it's just too great.
and by the way you are so talented - so spirited and i love your writing.  i will enjoy reading your blog.
meg (bluelime photography)

oh thank you so much for your note,
this has been incredible. i mean.. just totally. completely. amazing. women. oooh i love them.
can't we get everyone naked and take pictures of each other? laughing and loving and giving each other compliments. showing each other what we're missing ourselves?

i think that you nail it right on the head-
and of course.. we want to lose that extra weight. of course we want to be fit and healthy.
but really... no number. no size is going to make us happy if we aren't happy with OURSELVES first... and it's so.. so hard. to accept that. to accept what we're seeing.

but it's not about accepting.. just loving. love and tenderness and being kind and gentle with ourselves.
and we'll all get there. ;)

i'd be honoured for you to share


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY by far the most beautiful new mommy image! As a Mommy of 3 I know that look, but I would never have been so brave back then. I only wish I had seen something this inspiring. I was young with my first baby and I remember that beautiful time being covered with a thin veil of shame...my body didn't look like I thought it was "supposed" to look and I couldn't wait for it to go away...that took a good part of the focus away from such a miraculous time in my life. That feeling resurfaced unfortunately after the birth of my other two children....I would love to see this printed and hung in ever OBGYN office! Imagine the power of this message! Ditch the "perfect pregnant" magazines and focus on the beauty of every shape and size....pregnancy is a blessing not some sort of contest. I'm going to share this with everyone I can~ this is TRUE BEAUTY!
you go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I admire her for sharing this picture. I am still overweight after 11 and a half years. I treasure my stretch marks because I "earned" them during my first pregnancy with my daughter, who was stillborn. Pregnancy and childbirth change a woman's life and especially her body.