29 January 2011

beauty | newburyport ma

 i first met jennifer karin over a pot of tea a la marrakesh at my former tea house licorice & sloe co. sitting in a sunny window writing - thinking - reading - inspiring. she is an amazing writer, an award winning columnist and marketing consultant and of course mom to three boys. and if that wasn't enough, she is stunning and beautiful both inside and out and if she wasn't so darn nice i'd just hate her! {i kid}. with a brilliant sense of humor - jennifer will have you roaring - read this and you'll see what i mean. so. funny. so clever. a lovely lady i'm proud to call friend.

she asked me to photograph her for her husband as a christmas gift. i will share a few snippets -
the rest remain for his eyes only - as it should be. wink.wink. xo







jennifer's blog here
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vanessa said...

those are great. love the one of her in the chair tugging at her pearls.