28 August 2010

[a lime slice]. love + laughs

the best part of shooting an engagement session is meeting the bride and groom for the very first time. if i've made them laugh and feel comfortable in front of my lens then i've done my job. it helps to get that comfort level before their wedding day. mara and aaron were a pleasure to shoot because they allowed me to do my thing. they didn't laugh when i climbed on my ladder or got down flat on my belly or made them walk through fields with chirping crickets - they didn't shake their heads or say no - [or at least i didn't see them!] now i wish i did ask them to balance those plates on their heads! the sun wasn't shining but it didn't really matter.
mara and aaron i really enjoyed meeting you both, i loved your laughter and i really am looking forward to your wedding. hope you like your sneak peek. xo



















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Katelyn said...

This is a wonderful set of engagement photos. My favorite is the close-up of them sitting and holding hands. great work!