17 June 2010

a lime slice [necessary ingredients]

my daughter asked me how to fly, never thinking she could not learn. she thinks i have the recipe for flight. so we climb a tree and watch the evening sky. and wait for the necessary ingredients. [m. duval]

she's officially four and a half today. amazing where the time has gone. she is such a funny little girl. so aware of time but not really understanding it at all. she announced this morning that she felt just a little bit older. "like pluto....just a little little bit." how can you not love her completely, her  heart, her soul, her breath. she is everything i've dreamed of and everything i thought possible in this world. you CAN fly annie - i see you do it every day! happy half birthday you silly little tallulahbelle. i love you so.


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JAR Photography & Design said...

Oh i just love to read what you write about your daughter... you two are both free spirits!!!