16 December 2009

[a + e] two beauties from connecticut.

i have known michael since he was as young as these little ones and known his mom since we were little ones. he asked if i was up for a session during the week - um...yes!! and he drove 3 hours one way for it!! that alone made me feel so wonderful that he thought enough about my photography that he would put his little ones in the car early in the morn in connecticut and take a road trip so i could capture their adorableness. is that a word? adorableness?!! it is now. this is a surprise for their mom. (i hope she doesn't stumble on my blog!)
abigayle is turning 5 and ellen just turned 3. cute sisters. abi was ready right out of the car to model for me - ellen took a little bit of time to warm up - the first few shots were of her crying - but thanks to their goofy dad - smiles and laughter were soon everywhere. michael i think i need you on my shoots all the time!!
your girls are precious. i loved spending time with them and i loved that annie got to meet them too. i hope you love what you see and that they will bring a smile to your face and that jen will be thrilled when she sees the final product. it was such a fun day and i am honored you chose me to capture your beauties.

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[sparkly shoes]


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Liz said...

these are darling images of darling girls!

Sarah said...

soooo sweet! I can hear the giggles!!

Jen said...

These are so wonderful Meg! Truly a fabulous set!!! Mom will be over the moon!

JAR Photography & Design said...

So adorable... I love their hair! Pics are so cute.

Mrs Soup said...

Oh man, they are adorable! Lucky you!

I LOVE the lollipop one!

Mara said...

They are too adorable for words

vanessa said...

great photos! the older girl has the most fabulous hair, wow!