14 October 2009

a lime slice - [girls night]

we had it planned. our night. "no boys momma just girls". bil was to go hiking with his friend and annie and i were to be alone from early saturday morning until sunday evening. we had plans. big plans. but alas, what is a life lesson if you don't have disappointment. bil's friend kyle got sick and let's face it, nobody wants to hike and camp in the cold when you are sick. doesn't sound like much fun to me. so our "girls weekend" would have to be postponed. but how could i disappoint my little one. all she wanted to do was make popcorn, put on pj's, hop into my bed and watch icarly. i mean come on she's only three - ok three and a half - but really?!! icarly?! yup.. it is her absolute favorite show. she lives for icarly. she knows the words to the opening song. and when she stands in front of the tv wiggling her cute little booty singing, i get a glimpse of the young lady she is going to be. she knows all the characters first AND last names...... even the doorman! so we got in our pj's, with a big bowl of hot popcorn (oh we threw in a few m&m's for good measure) and we watched icarly. she wouldn't even look at the camera so i could get one lousy shot to document our "girls night" - she is so intently watching "her" show! she didn't even make it to the end....she was out like a light, with a few kernals of popcorn strewn about. we had fun. snuggling. eating our popcorn. just being together. i remember when saturday nights for me were about going out for cocktails with my friends when i was in my 20's and in my 30's they were about what outfit you would wear to go out for cocktails and here i am in my 40's and there is no place i would rather be than snuggled up with annie, any day of the week.

[look at the size of the bowl!]
[girls night]


thousand words photography said...

oh, i love that!! bauer LOVES icarly too...bohdi does too (although he will NEVER admit to it. haha). it's nights like these that she will remember forever. xo

The {G} Family said...

What a sweet post! And the sweetest pictures to go with it!