05 August 2009

[my baby friend]

.....that's what annie fondly refers to winston as. her baby friend. because she first met winston when they were both infants. every wednesday morning us "new" moms would meet, spread out blankets and let our little ones do what little ones do. and we'd talk and talk about motherhood - our lack of sleep,marriage, friendship, when will we fit in those jeans again? (i'm still waiting for that one), how to do this, how to do that. such a special group of ladies and my fondest memories of being a new mom.

one such special lady from this group moved away from newburyport with her husband, corey and darling little boy winston. on their way to camping in maine last week they stopped by for a visit. we had a great time catching up, went out to lunch and brought annie and win to the playground for a quick romp. aren't they the cutest?!! renee and corey - we miss you here and we look forward to the day you return. soon please.














reneemh said...

i am so blessed to know you - my friend!
think 2010!!!

thousand words photography said...

so beautiful! love these! man, annie is sure looking so much like you!!

lunabouch said...

Meg as usual you do that magic that you do. Great shots and Winston and Annie a such good models.

nycrun said...

cute kids and fashions

Miiicha said...


Love Miiicha

Vanessa said...

great photos. the kids are adorable!