09 July 2009

it's a [hoe down]!!!!

yes, summer is here. but i did want to share a few shots from annie's "end of the school year show"! her school is so wonderful and the "shows" that were put on throughout the year were so great, this was no exception. it was a "hoe down"!! yee haw!! these little people are so sweet, you just can't help but have your heartstrings tugged a bit. i love how some are shy, some are so outspoken, some are so funny - but they all have each other and i can honestly say that they all really like each other! annie still talks about her classmates daily and of course her fantastic teachers - eliza and aleyda. annie has been asking me if it's "the fall" yet. she can't wait to go back.

DSC_0029 copy
[sing along! annie and her partner nolan!]

DSC_0005 copy
[come on - how cute is nolan!! - teacher aleyda is at the end of the line here.]

DSC_0009 copy
[annie and nolan "sashaying" down the line!]

DSC_0047 copy
[each child received a "year book" - a collection of their drawings, name writing, etc... a journey -
look how cute the front cover is......with their faces]

DSC_0056 copy
[annie saying goodbye to her teacher eliza - a wonderful, caring young woman - we were
so lucky to be in her class]


thousand words photography said...

so wonderful! man, i swear she gets bigger every post you do. xoxo, annie girl!

Jen said...

So much fun! great shots!!

Vanessa said...

adorable photos! i love the last one, precious!

mary said...

These are SO adorable! I'm smiling at my computer (like a crazy person) right now!! :)

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

Oh how darling! Love her little skirt:)