10 June 2009


see you, me and julio down by the schoolyard.......for whatever reason that paul simon song came to my mind while looking at these photos. this is annie's favorite place to be. after dinner we hurry around the corner to the schoolyard to play on the swings, slide down the slides (best slides around i think) and try really hard to make those monkey bars work for us - {bil and i laugh at my lack of strength - heck i used to be able to work those bars - + there will be no photos of that attempt}
bil teaches in boston two nights a week so on those nights us girls hang out - and the obvious choice is the schoolyard. until the sun goes to sleep.

oh p.s. - i just love when annie dresses herself.




{my favorite shot - tough school girl meets toddler girl}

school yard dip resize

{yes mom likes to swing. see annie on the slide}

DSC_0238 bw
{yes annie you are taller than that fire hydrant!}

DSC_0229 70s

{the lonely swings}

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JAR Photography & Design said...

Those are all beautiful, she is so captivating.