08 April 2009

{your own backyard}

Shoot the stars off in your own backyard Don't look any further {carly simon}

this town i live in is really unique. we have the ocean, the beach, the river,... and an incredible eclectic community of artists and musicians, photographers and writers, dreamers and doers. i was noticing while editing some photos recently, the funky little jewels that caught my eye just by going for a walk to enjoy the weather. so much uniqueness is found in yards. people are clever. i love how someone chooses to express themselves through art or whimsy, nature and inspiration. here's a few shots from the yards of those who have something to say. i don't know who you are - but i certainly thank you for making my walk that much more interesting!

1 she lost her head
{a carefully placed dolls head?}

{your very own mailbox - this was in someones front yard! no kidding! but it's so cool}


(new meaning to the term mussel man!! this sculpture is made out of mussel shells - and this
guy mows the lawn ALL the time!}

(lucky birds - what a lovely little home they have - a place where they can dream!!}


JAR Photography & Design said...

Wow... incredible and would be very nice to see that on my walk. :)

thousand words photography said...

these are all fantastic!! i love fun, funky shots like these. very cool, meg!

Jen said...

I love how artsy your town is! I will definitely be visiting one day!