25 March 2009

{M - my name is meg!}

when i was a young girl, i dreamed of being an interior designer. i would rearrange the furniture in my bedroom weekly. i think i drove my mother crazy - but she always let me do whatever i wanted. my bedroom was my cool little apartment, my "twin" beds my hip couches, my white plastic parsons table cubes my very fabulous coffee tables, that i always displayed my sisters glamour magazines - hiding the forbidden cosmo)on. i had throw pillows galore, a bean bag, a little dressing table with a three-legged stool, oh my......if i close my eyes i can picture it. i even had a red, white and blue theme at one time - oh dear. i loved my room. it was my mary tyler moore apartment. remember that apartment? - sunken living room, the big M on the wall, oh it was glorious. that's how my bedroom was. today it's my father's office and soon the room will belong to someone else. sadly my father has decided to sell our family home. oh i'm devastated. my heart is broken. i haven't lived in that house since i went away to college....but still.....it's home, and i'm sad knowing it will no longer exist as home. a quiet little beacon in the distance that i can always turn to. i always wanted annie to know where her mom grew up, run around the same yard. so much of that home changed for me when my mother died. so it's probably just as well.....but still.....home.

anyway..... i was flipping through the new west elm catalog and what caught my eye was the parsons table desk. now it's all i think of. it reminds me of my beloved room. that classic design, the parsons table will never go out of style. trends come and go, but good design, really good design remains. i am obsessing over this table and fear that i just have to have it - and i love the green. it's so great. memories of home. memories of my youth.

now all i need is a big M for my wall. thank goodness my name is meg!!!!!

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