27 February 2009

{pretty cheep}!

i discovered these project bags at a the yarn basket in portsmouth, nh. fabulous little drawstring muslin bags to store your "projects" in. thanks to sally and liz who always turn me on to the hip and cool stuff! they are so adorable with silkscreened birds and a big red tag for recording what project is hiding inside. there are three designs to choose from. i have all three because i couldn't decide! they can be used for many things not just your knitting projects. i have stored annie's puzzles or books for car travel. or quick storage of her "little" things, you know it's amazing how many "little" things a 3 year old can collect. i have also been known to {carefully} throw a lens or two in my cheep bags - since i despise my camera bag {that's a story for another day!}so if you are looking for something different that is under $10 check out the pretty cheep project bag - i think anything with silkscreened birds has got to be worth a second look!! love it!!


Jen r. said...

Those are really cute! What a great price! Jen

Jen said...

Hmmm, I may need a few dozen of those! haha!