22 February 2009

{got KI?}

this has to be one of my favorite buildings of all time. so many years i have driven right by this building thinking i have to shoot there, i just have to. the message is clear based on the fact that we live close to a nuclear power plant. i'm not afraid. never was, never will be. i was down on plum island on friday running an errand and even though i have been fighting the flu like the rest of the world, i had to get out of the car, get on my knees and take a quick pic. i needed the reminder of how this little piece of property always inspires me. so i left a message for my friend saying we have to go shoot here pronto. the light was beautiful, the sky, the peeling paint, the air, everything about it is perfect. i want to do a trash the dress session here. i just have to. i guess it's important to remember the things that inspire you the most. for me the list goes on and on, but when my heart skips a beat i just know that it's right.
so stay tuned.


thousand words photography said...

it does look like a great place!! fantastic shot!

Jen said...

I tried to comment the other day, but it wouldn't let me! I think this place is awesome and I can't wait to see what else you shoot there!!

Woman Interrupted said...

I love the vantage point...the stalks seem to blowing in the wind.

Kasey said...

that's beautiful. i love it.