13 February 2009

{go to bed}........um you're own bed!

{photo courtesy of domino magazine}

{annie's "crib bed}

{a little musing}
annie has started to not like sleeping in her bed. she says her room has monsters in it. bil and i both know it's because she really likes crawling in between us in our big bed and disturbing our perfectly sound sleep!! my brothers son declan does this as well (or at least he used to) and he referred to it as a bed snake. so yes we have been invaded with a bed snake. there are times i wake up in the morning and annie is snoring away, the thing is i don't hear her get into bed. that's a little scary. perhaps if something was wrong my mommy instinct would kick in and my ears would be on red alert.
anyway.....what to do about this problem. annie says her bed is uncomfortable (who am i to judge). her crib converted into a toddler bed, so she is sleeping on a crib mattress. it's really a nice mattress. it's a sealy posturpedic. not bad for a little wee hocker, but apparently not so inviting anymore. the bed is normal height and the entire side rail of her crib is removed so it's actually rather cute. when i tell her that perhaps we will get her a new bed she immediately gets excited and refers to it as a big girl bed. aha! bingo...that's it. she doesn't like being in what was her "crib". kids. 3 year olds. girls.
so i'm on the hunt for a bed for her. i think i found one that is really cute at the land of nod. and since her room isn't that big i think it will fit nicely. the beauty of this bed is you don't need a box spring - i like that idea. annie wants a little canopy over her bed too. girls.
when did my child become big enough for a normal size bed?! actually i like the idea of her being in a "normal" bed. so at night when we are reading to her we don't have to sit on the floor - we can actually snuggle in with her and not worry that the whole "crib" will collapse with our weight! annie was jumping on her bed this morning and i thought one more jump and the whole thing is going to go!!
i figure with the normal bed....if she happened to become a bed snake, then i can hop in her bed and finally get a decent night sleep!!


thousand words photography said...

the "big boy bed" did wonders for our 3 yr old man too! check ikea...they have great beds with storage underneath. great for small places! and, yes, when did they grow up so big?!
(is that an ugly doll on her bed?? b used to have a blue one...if it is)

thousand words photography said...

btw--love the title 'a twist of lime'!

Jen said...

I love those beds! I can't believe she is still in the little toddler bed! I guess we moved {S} into a big bed pretty early b/c of the twins. Now the twins will be transitioning soon. It's all very exciting! Don't forget to share what you wind up with!!

Woman Interrupted said...

My 3.5 y/o is still in his crib but its time to move him to a big boy bed as he's busting out...but he's such a great sleeper, we hate to throw that off. We're worried about it being so wide open compared to the crib but I'm looking for a bed tent to give it the comfy closed in feel. Good luck with your transition.