17 February 2009

{the blue of blue}

missing my mom today. some days it just hits me like a freight train and i can't breathe. a song, a smell, a thought will trigger me. today is one of those days. she was very special it's hard not to miss her no matter how much time has passed. it'll get better. it always does.

The blue of blue
Is mostly grey
Ain't no silver line
No brighter day
Last of the coming up
Didn't come my way
Looks like I'm down here to stay
Down to stay

So kick me, I won't feel a thing
My senses have all been run
And there's nothing left of the used to be
But the weeping that's just begun
That sour taste too late
But now I duck my head
And no cradle rocks this empty bed
If crying's not good for me
Then I guess I'm doing wrong
So I sing this crying song
Cry along

You packed it in too soon
You lose me but not your nerve
Well I guess I know it's what I deserve
Crazy to think that I could keep you on reserve
And so the curtain falls
Curtain calls

Nicolas Holmes

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Woman Interrupted said...

Beautiful tribute to her!