24 January 2009

{got health?}

trying so hard to be motivated to go back to the gym. this morning, bil and annie were having a discussion about going for a winter walk. i didn't want to miss out on this, i really need to get my body moving. getting annie all layered up before we ventured outdoors took a bit of time. there was the pants and shirt (more like leggings) and then the cozy socks and then the leg warmers which on annie reach all the way up to the top of her thighs! then the nice fleece pullover that zips up with a soft turtleneck around her little neck, then the snow pants, then the boots, then the coat, hat and finally the mittens.....oh and then i had to get myself layered up. in the car we go, off to old town hill. upon arrival we decide to walk the flatter part of the trail down to the little river - let's see we must have walked oh a good 5 minutes before annie started whining that she couldn't walk. oh my darling child, we should have known better. we really must invest in a nice sled to pull the little queenie along. so we made her walk and then bil carried her, we hung out at the river for just moments and then off through the nice open field where annie was excited to make snow angels. and then just a bit of walking and then she wanted me to carry her and then finally back to the car. so. lesson learned. no hiking with annie unless a. we have a means to drag her along and b. no hiking with annie.
and very sad that i didn't have my camera (still unrepaired) because the light was beautiful and the woods with the snow and ice were lovely. i will take annie back when i do get my camera because it's a great spot for photos.
the one photo i am including is of jenni - taken last summer. this is the path we walked down this morning - so all you have to do is picture lots of snow, cross country ski tracks, ice and no leaves on the trees!